Our Values are Our Strength

Strong focus on UI & UX design

We believe the digital experience impacts your brand with creative pre-build components, updated latest features and functions.

Conversion in Mind

Deep Research & understanding competitors | International user experience Standards | simple user interface.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset of Engineers

We understand the client situation while making a decision | We feel client project like our own project and look for the best possible solution.

Brand Impact

Our strategies and creative concept will impact your brand and make you stand out from the crowd.

Unique Methodology

Every single project that we undertake follows a unique methodology based on client industries and market standards.

Strong Process & Documentation

We have strong internal and client project documentation, which increase the quality of work and decreases the timeframe of the project.

Your Idea is 100% Protected

We strictly follow NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Extended Support

We provide 1-month free support service after the project delivery, after which you can avail our Web Retainer Services as a package at an affordable cost.

Pre Developed Components

We periodically develop and update the new components based on industries & sectors.


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Military Process

We have three phases of the project development process which help us to track the progress of every client’s project.



  1. 1

    Listening to your Ideas

  2. 2

    Minimum Viable Product(MVP) or Mockup Design

  3. 3

    Project Contract


  1. 4

    Deep Plan & RoadMap

  2. 5

    Layout Design (or) Wire Frame

  3. 6

    POC Sign Off

  4. 7

    UI & UX Design

  5. 8

    1st version of development

  6. 9

    2nd version of development

  7. 10

    Final version of development



  1. 11

    Beta Testing

  2. 12

    Final reviews

  3. 13

    Support & maintenance for first 1 month

Culture Is King

We respect our values and ethics.

Trust & Flexibility

Trusting an employee is the first and foremost step for any startup to shine.We don’t measure number of hours they work, rather we see their effort and result.

Fun environment

No strict dress code, working is fun in our organization.This has strengthened the employee relationship.We follow employee refreshment activities to improve their work productivity.

Values sharing

Employees can interact with each other, share values and develop their skillset and knowledge.

Say NO to EGO

Our team appreciates all values since they are all the small seeds of efforts. We work together as a team to yield the best output.

A growth and Improvement mindset

We are open to Change, Constant innovation and have the Freedom to be creative.

Employee benefits

Train and mould them to become an expertin their particular passionate field of work, whichgives them the capability to lead a team on their own.

Listen and react

we always look forward to concentrating and understand our team situations in all perspective of view and respect their emotions.

Smile and agree

We brainstorm everything together and gather all the information, yet we together accept the final decision made by one decision maker based on varying situations.Because we believemultiple decisions will lead to misconception between the team.

Open space environment

Employees can use the office space where ever they feel comfortable to work. In somecase, they can work from home, but at end of the day the assigned task has to be done. Centralized Task management system allows our employees to access data from anywhere at anytime


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