Website design trends change every year

Best websites of 2018

Website design trends change every year, there are many websites that tread with the emerging trend. Here are some of the websites that inspired us in terms of functionalities and designs. We have categorized our pick, one from each type:

Portfolio Website:

Our pick: Mark Goldstein:

Loading Time: Less than 3 seconds

What we loved on this website: The cool colour gradient.

Mark Goldstein is an art designer & director, has worked for top brands like ESPN. His portfolio is no less than a beautiful wall painting. The website lists down his works. The website has a light contrast with Instagram, due to the choice of colour they have chosen.


The Best Blog:

Our Pick: BucketListly Blog

Loading Time: Less than 2 seconds

What we loved on this website: UI Card design & typography.

BucketListly Blog is a travel blog by Pete. He is a designer and developer who has the interest to travel around the world. BucketListly Blog contains the information about the [places he travelled along with his experience. The blog is rich in design and looks impressive than the rest. The blog contains high-quality photographs, custom made font style and vlogs of his travel.


E-commerce website:

Our Pick: Woodendot

Loading time:Less than 5 seconds

What we loved on this website: Large card design to display products.

Woodendot is furniture selling e-commerce platform. Woodendot contains a list of furniture from which the user can select from. When the user lands into the website, a popup message from the chatbot appears. Woodendot has used their chatbot in an effective way. It guides the user to get along through with the buying process. The checkout and payment page are easy to use.


The Cool WordPress site:

Our Pick: The Cool Club

Loading time: Less than 5 seconds

What we loved on this website: The ultimate use of the Wordpress platform.

Impressive micro animations.

The Cool Club website is an impressive WordPress website. It impresses from the very first sight. The preloader animation is unique and the animation resembles like unwrapping the website. The landing page contains an animation displaying cards popping out from the box. The website makes the optimum use of the white background which makes the products look awesome.


The sassy one:

Our Pick: BigDropInc

Loading Time: Less than 5 seconds

What we loved on this website: Floating animations and UI designs. BigDropInc is a web design company from Newyork. Their customers include big companies like Samsung, Activision and CITI Bank. The large typographies attract users from all aspects. The side makes use of a unique font styling and structure design.



The websites listed above are based on our personal choice. These websites are the inspiration to build our client's websites. A website is an initial step to create an impression on the internet. You ought to find the best designer and developer as a website is a lifetime asset for a brand. Add your unique ingredients to make the websites look delicious.


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