UI/UX is an important aspect when it comes to engaging the user.

UI/UX design trends to follow in 2019

UI/UX is an important aspect when it comes to engaging the user when they land into the website. It makes the website highly usable. Users don't find the website boring when the UI/UX of the website is better. " ATTRACT and ENGAGE the user"- this is the ultimate aim implementing UI/UX in a website.

Here are some UI/UX trends to follow in 2019 that can deliver awesome results:


1: Font styling & detailing:

Relying on the traditional font style may not impress the user. The text is the first thing that the user looks in for when they land on a website. A unique font style could help in impressing your website's audience.

Storytelling is an emerging trend that most websites

would follow in 2019. It attracts a certain type of user. Great stories make a great experience and a great story needs to have a great idea.


2: Illustrative designs and graphics:

Micro-animations engage a wider range of audience. It interacts with the users and allows to engage them to be on the website. An animated preloader can be handy if your website is a little heavy to load. It attracts the users at the very first sight.

Use a better custom-made illustration to further attract the audience. There are many types of illustrations that you can make use of in order to make the websites look attractive. This makes the user luxuriate in the look and feel of the website. Dynamic motion makes the website create its own personality. If the websites animations are good, it automatically makes a place in the user's mind. This can act as a word of mouth for the company or brand as the users may suggest your company to others by just looking your impressive company website.


3: Colour and gradient style:

Use a constant color style throughout the website that pleases the website user. Most websites have the colour of the website same as that of the company's logo colour as it creates a brand statement. Colour gradients mixed with transparency is becoming a big thing nowadays. This adds a premium look to the website and also soothes the user who goes through the website.


4: 3D Graphics:

Innovation and creativity always are in great demand among web users. Creative elements include custom made animations, graphics and even typography. This also helps the websites to cope up with the growing tech trend. Three-dimensional elements are pretty unusual for websites but implementing it on a website can make the website a "one-of-a-kind" website.


5: The future of the web:

The future of the web is here and is important that every website must follow the innovation that makes your website look awe-inspiring. Technologies like AR, VR and AI is among the top tech trends that would mold up the future web. Chatbots make the basis of AI for a website. Chatbots act as a point of contact for the customers who use your service. You can feed in and train the chatbot based on the user queries. The advantage of chatbot is that it can serve 24*7 without any break which can reduce human resources.

Virtual Reality a.k.a VR makes the user experience a different world. We call it "Internet of Experience". VR is being tested in the retail marketing and product-based industries. It allows using the products without actually handling it physically. It also helps to have a walkthrough around the places without actually being at the place. The drawback is that you need to have VR goggles to access this technology.

Augmented Reality which allows having a beyond the screen experience for the users. AR UI can be used to handle object related operations. It can make the user experience the look and feel of the object. Product based industry is making the use of AR UI to make the users feel how the product would like in the real life or how the product would in their station.


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