The web app is a combination of website and mobile app.

Awesome sauces to make your Web Application tasty:

The web app is a combination of website and mobile app. This allows the user to easily handle the service easily without the tedious work of going into the AppStore to download and use the app. Web apps are generally website with speed and usability features similar to a mobile app. Here are some tips that you need to follow in 2019 to make your web app more advanced and more awesome:


Progressive Web App:

Progressive Web Apps is in the spotlight for a longer period now. PWA acts as a normal mobile app but with a minimal app size. This loads faster than websites. Companies like BookMyShow, RedBus, Flipkart have launched their own PWA to access their service handier for the users. PWA remained as the major spine for these brands to make more conversions in the past year.


Intelligent ChatBots:

ChatBots helps to provide better customer retention for a brand. Brands with an intelligent chatbot tool manage to stay in the people's mind. Chatbots reduce the intervention of human customer support. ChatBots can work every day throughout the year. The user can reach to a company anywhere at any time through a chatbot. You can train a chatbot to make them available for all the user queries. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning helps the chatbot to train by knowing the behaviour of the user. Artificial Intelligence functions as the brain of a chatbot. Machine Learning allows the chatbot to learn the process of interacting with the user. The optimum use of AI and ML can make the chatbot respond to all the queries made by the user, and also allows to train itself based on the emerging user behaviour.


Voice-based interactions:

Human behaviour is to opt-in for the easiest way to do work. Voice searches made a growth of 35% when compared to that of the earlier years. Smart speakers have been a part of the modern household. So, it is important that the web apps that we build must please this sort of audience. Similar to chatbots, voice searches also can be made better using AI and ML. Voice-based UI makes the user interact with the web app more easily. Faster response rates require the ultimate use of AI and ML.


Push Notification:

Push notification is one of the powerful advantages of a mobile app. Push notifications can be made available for a web app too. A small tab pops up when the user lands on the landing page of the website to enable the notifications. you can also make a note of the Click Through Rate of the notifications sent to the user. This can help you develop new strategies that can attract the audience.


Motion UI:

To enable the best-looking design rather than a dumb one, you ought to concentrate on the motion UI. It is an added advantage for attracting and engaging the user throughout while using the web app. More than 53% of the site visits are abandoned as it takes more than 5 seconds to load. So, make sure that the animations or graphics you design is not that heavy to load. Try integrating micro animations on the web app, this can be of small memory but has a wider audience affinity.


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