Must have Shopify apps to increase your sales: (Most Are FREE)


KIT is an AI assistant that can be integrated along with the Shopify store to coordinate sales. It can be integrated with Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, YOTPO etc. You can set KIT as your helping hand in sales that can help you in close the deal each time in style. KIT also helps in managing the email campaigns, FB & Instagram Ads and social posts too. KIT is an official partner of Facebook for Small Business and is available for free. 

Check out how this app works in real:
App Link: KIT

Boost Sales:

Upselling and Cross-selling in a single app. The success of modern day’s E-commerce like Flipkart, Amazon and Alibaba is cross-selling their products to the users. Boost Sales is one among the few apps with this sort of capability to cross-sell stuff on Shopify.
Whenever the customer views or adds an item to the cart, a section called “Related Products” or “customers who bought this item also bought” get displayed below. This makes the customer have a look at the product and there is a high chance that the customer buys these items listed below. 

Boost Sales is the best app available for cross-selling on Shopify and is available for $30. Boost Sales helps to customize, professionalize your design and also has improved reporting along with targeted upselling capabilities. This is an effective tool to add more value to your customers along with increased sales ratio. 

App Link: Boost Sales
Price: 30$

Checkout Boost:

There are chances that the customer adds a product to the cart and later abandons it. Here’s an app that can help you in saving from those situations. Check out Boost reduces the chances of customer ignoring the cart items by boosting discounts at the time of exiting the cart. Using Checkout Boost you can run exit intended offers, upsell highly relevant products after checkout and also intend the customers to share their purchase on social media to avail more offers. 

App Link: Checkout Boost
Price: $27

Countdown Cart:

A sense of urgency induces the customer to buy the product. Countdown Cart allows setting a timer for a product or group of products depicting the offer or the number of stocks left. This is one of the proven ways to make the user purchase the product. 

App Link: Countdown Cart
Price: Free 


Spin to win popups can be set using SiteKit. SiteKit is an app used to set exit-intent popups on the store. This app can also be used for email marketing creating an email list of potential customers to make purchases periodically. SiteKit is available free for a lifetime. However, the advanced targeting options are available only in the premium version. The free version is well suited for beginners. 

App Link: SiteKit
Price: Free 

Sales Pop:

Sales Pop is one of the popular apps used by most users worldwide. The app lets you display live and dynamic updates happening on your store. How is this useful?? This helps the users to know about products that are purchased on the store which thereby makes them look into those products. Once installed on the store, the app automatically updates the ongoing processes happening on the store.  

App Link: Sales Pop
Price: Free 

Personalised Recommendation:

Making use of the analytics of each user on the store, Personalised Recommendation app offers the users with a list of recommended products based on the browsing preferences. There are 5 options to choose from which includes customer preference, popular products on the store and many other values.

Price: $19


How about giving your loyal customer a reward for being a part of the journey? Smile exactly helps you do that by setting up a loyalty program from start to the end. Smile lets you set the reward points, referrals and even more. This app lets you build an effective strategy for retaining the audience base. The basic plan is available for. However, there are different plans with added functionalities. 

App Link: Smile
Price: Free

Bulk Image Edit: 

How long have you spent alt tags on your product images?? Bulk Image Edit is an app that’s there to rescue you from wasting your time. The app lets you add alt tags to your product images, compress images in bulk and add watermarks to the images. A better-looking product image with comparable low size helps to load the store faster and smoother. The free version allows editing 50 images on a monthly basis. 

App Link: Bulk Image Edit
Price: Free


Gorgias is customer support for sales on Shopify. Gorgias helps to centralize communication across various messaging/communication platforms. This app helps you jumping from one platform to another by integrating all the conversation under the same roof. The basic version of the app is available for free. 

App Link: Gorgias
Price: Free

Happy Email:

Happy Email is a free Email marketing tool that helps to greet the customer every time when a purchase is made by that user on the store.  Based on a recent study welcome emails generate 4 times the total open rates and 5 times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions. So this free app can help you in increasing your sales. 

App Link: Happy Email
Price: Free

Facebook Store:

Most of the Shopify owners run their ads on Facebook. What if your Facebook page can be your store. With the Facebook shop, you can convert your Facebook page into a store, where the user can buy your products.  The products from the Shopify store gets displayed on the Shop tab of the Facebook channel. The user can now directly buy the products from their Facebook handle without redirecting them to the Shopify store. This app generally lets you open a Facebook Shop from the products on your Shopify store.

App Link: Facebook Store
Price: Free

Instagram Shop:

Fashion and Lifestyle users prefer using Instagram as their default social media platform. With Snapppt you can convert your Instagram channel to contain all the products from the Shopify store. This app also lets you track the sales using the analytics that they have. The fun part is that using this app you can set up your insta store in less than 3 minutes.

App Link: Snapppt
Price: Free

Mobile Converter:

You can’t strongly emphasise on the point that all the sales happen to be from the desktops. Now, most of them use mobile phones to get the work done. But the sad part is that about 42 % of the Shopify store isn’t compatible on mobile devices meaning which they are losing potential online mobile users. Mobile Converter helps you to overcome those situations with a mobile-ready Shopify store. The product gallery, the popups and the conversion driver all get optimised based on the mobile screen, so that the user gets the exact look of the store same as like the desktop store. 

Price: Free

Auto Currency Switcher:

Planning to reach your product internationally?? Well, there are many processes in it, but the most important is the currency support. The store that doesn’t have multiple currency support is considered to be less trustworthy. The Auto Currency Switcher helps to add multiple currency options to the store thereby reducing the problem of mathematical calculation. The users can choose the required currency from the dropdown on the top right corner. 

Price: Free


Almost all the Shopify users use apps to add the desired functions to the store. The main reason what restrict some using apps on their store is the price of each app. The above-mentioned apps are some of our recommendations to boost sales with a minimum budget. If you find apps that need to be in the list, comment down below. 

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