How to get expert Shopify optimisation services for free??

Well, there is an enormous number of users on Shopify who aren't able to find the possible ways to improve their sales. There is a lack of knowledge of how to optimise the store layout based on the conversion perspective. Let us see what are the modifications that can be done on a Shopify store to increase sales growth.

What is Shopify Optimisation??

Optimising your Shopify store based on the conversion and design metrics has proved to bring an increase in the sales made on the store. So the question arises that how well can you optimise the store keeping conversion in mind. For this, you need a Shopify Expert who has enough experience working in the industry that you have your store in. 

Why is it so important to optimise your store??

1) Outdated theme:

The theme is what that makes the store look vibrant. The price of the theme is something that makes the users not invest in it. But due to outdated templates, you are losing more than what you invest in your store. 
Result: Decrease in sales.

2) Apps:

For added functionalities, apps are made use of in Shopify. There are some functionalities that can be added to the store without the use of apps but by adding custom code. You need to find the best resources to help you out in those fields or else it might backfire your sales. 
Result: A store without the needed functionality. 

3) Problem: No traffic, No Sales:

If there are only a mere sales on your store even though you sell unique stuff, then you are on the dark side of the business. Many spend a huge sum of money on their store and feel satisfied with the sales that happen on the store waiting to flourish one day. But some find to experiment with methods and sticking on to the methods that yield profit. If the design is something that annoys your users then its time that you change it else the user would look for a better alternative. 

Well, optimising your store is a constant journey that one day you can take ownership of your store's success. 

Types of optimisation that can be done on a store:

Store Redesign: Does your store look like something out of this universe?? Then it's time that you need to redesign it suitable for human interaction. 

Store Migration: Switching from one platform to another is now a no brainer. Shopify is a platform that can be easily started off with so many prefer switching their store from other e-commerce platforms. 

Product setup: Enhance the way you want the store your products or collections. Add products, it's description and content.

Custom pages and forms: Setup custom pages for exclusive sales on your store and custom lead generation forms which can be made use to retarget them later. 

Custom visual elements: Adding custom preloaders and animations to your store can benefit the UX of the store. 

App installation: Finding difficulty in integrating Shopify apps to your store. A Shopify expert can help you in integrating the apps you need at ease. 

Custom theme design: The theme doesn't contain all the features you need. The custom code helps you add some features that you need on the existing theme which enhances the overall look and feel of the store. 

Troubleshooting: The problems that prick you the most on your store can have a negative impact on sales. Hiring an expert can help you find the flaws in your store. 

How to get expert Shopify optimisation services for free?? 

Well, Shopify itself provides its users with the way to help them find the experts based on the required optimisation. But the cost of their services is huge. To avoid this, you can rely on other online sources like Facebook groups and other freelancing platforms like UpWork. 

But, here's a chance for you to get an expert optimisation worth of 50$ absolutely for free. Yes, you heard it right. An expert panel of developers and designers with enough experience working with Liquid framework with which customising your store is that simple. 

Why is it Free?

It is a promotional strategy of a startup agency, which is a team of freelancers working under the brand name Codewick who are expertise in e-commerce customization and building up a new store. To headstart their business, they are planning to give away free services to Shopify Entrepreneurs (Up to first 35 Owners).

How to get this free service??

It is that simple. Click this link to fill in the form and follow the steps to avail the offer.


The form contains four fields:
Name- Name of the Shopify owner ( how can we call you)
Email Id:  For communication purpose only. We don't spam your inbox.
Store Link: To check the store to resolve or find the problems in it.
Problems: List out your problems needed to be solved based on priority.

Who is Codewick?

The team of Shopify freelancers who collaborate to work under the brand name "CodeWick". Codewick made sure that the cost of the freelancing doesn't exceed when working under a brand. Codewick consists of code developers, UI/UX experts, designers and strategists who help to design beautiful, functional and user-friendly store experience.

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