We are proud to be a small & big vision

CodeWick builds rich functionality interface & user-friendly experience technology platforms for all size of business by the union of Nerds and UI/UX engineers.We are a young team inspired by brands like Google, Facebook, Slack, Statamic, Stripe, Amazon & Airbnb who has given a better customer experience through their various technology platforms. Their success is retained continuously by improving their product value, data, feature, functions and UI | UX. If your brand can give the same high standards of digital experience to your customers through your Responsive Website, Web Applications or App, achieving a spot like the brands we referred to is easier.

Our Engineers

Our Engineers are built on the perfect union of Techies, Creative minds& UX | UI enthusiasts with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. We are creative, visionary, strategical and passionate towards technologies & UX | UI designs.

We offer custom web design & development service by keeping conversion in mind. Right from strategy, creativity, UI | UX design and development to execution, each web page we develop has a clearly defined conversion goal.

Our Development Philosophy

Our culture and practice for every single client project is, they should have unique layouts, design, elements, features based on their industries and sectors. We believe in a family-oriented culture where we can learn,share,build and grow together, with our engineers tuned up with longtime visionaries.

Our Team

Jame Preneur
Project Head & UI/UX Lead
Managing Director
Tech Engineer
Marketing Lead

Core Values

Strong focus on UI & UX design

We believe the digital experience will impact your brand|Creative Pre-build component | Updated latest features and functions.

Conversion in Mind

Deep Research & understanding competitors | International user experience Standard | simple user interface.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset of Engineers

We understand the client situation while making a decision | We feel client project like our own project and look for the best possible solution.

Brand Impact

Our strategies and creative concept will impact your brand and make you stand out from the crowd.

Unique Methodology

Every single project that we undertake follows a unique methodology based on client industries and market standards.

Strong Process & Documentation

We have strong internal and client project documentation, which increase the quality of work and decreases the timeframe of the project.

Your Idea is 100% Protected

We strictly follow NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Extended Support

We provide 1-month free support service after the project delivery, after which you can avail our Web Retainer Services as packages at an affordable cost.


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